TURNS trainers into better coaches

Youth trainers play an important role in the development and lives of young athletes.


PASS is the Sports Coach Academy that inspires youth trainers to use coaching to develop the sports & life skills of their players, allowing them to have more fun and achieve better performance in their sports and social careers.


Talent development is not only about technical and tactical skills. To improve the performance of your players individually and as a team, coaching aimed at personal, motor and social development is also important. Yet few trainers are trained to make a difference in this area.


The training courses at PASS are suitable for trainers of all sports and for trainers with little to extensive experience. These courses can also be of interest to others in charge in the technical field, such as the Head Education, Technical Youth Coordinators and Technical Board Members. They learn how to guide and train their trainers in coaching.



With the training courses, we want to help trainers achieve their ambitions; therefore, the program is drawn up from challenges trainers face(d) in practice. This program consists of the most relevant developments from science, from where the ideas and insights are made practical. The best ideas often come from practice of the coaches themselves, which is why we are constantly in contact with them to improve and renew our training program and services in consultation with them.

Positive learning climate

We choose to look at the coaching process and teachers with a positive attitude. We stimulate a positive learning climate by giving constructive criticism and feedforward, and by thinking along in improvements instead of focusing on the result. This in turn ensures that our coaches enjoy coming to the training courses and that the teachers enjoy fulfilling their teaching role.

Knowledge in practice

Thanks to our practical experience, we are close to the trainers. The training courses are accessible and practical, which makes it easy to fit into the busy schedule and is relevant in content for all trainers. Our trainings are partly digital, but also on location, mainly on the field.

Inspiring network

We can only be successful if we are connected to 'our' coaches and to ourselves. That connection is evident in the way we work with the coaches and their clubs, and the way we are visible and meet the expectations of the students. Within the training courses, we focus on connecting the coach with the team and the players, the coaches among themselves, and a link to hands-on examples.



Marco Neuvel

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Former junior player of Ajax, Head of Training at soccer club Koninklijke HFC (Rinus Michels Award in 2015), trained Movement Scientist and Basic Sports Psychologist, in possession of UEFA A Youth, Founder of Scopo Atletico, Teacher & Employee of Football Development at the KNVB from which role he has trained hundreds of trainers and Head of Training.

Jan van Loon

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Jan is a very experienced trainer and educator at home and abroad, among others at PSV, the KNVB, Arsenal and Wolfsburg. As Head of Coaching at FC Utrecht, Jan is responsible for the development of the trainers of FC Utrecht and of the partner clubs of FC Utrecht in the region. It is his passion to inspire and develop players and trainers as athletes and as persons.


Foppe de Haan

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The soccer trainer started out as a teacher and achieved national fame as the longest-serving and most successful trainer at SC Heerenveen. He also achieved success with the Dutch Junior Team, twice leading them to the European title. Foppe has a unique down-to-earth, humorous, no-nonsense approach in coaching.

PASS-Coach christiaan hageraats (1)

Christiaan Hageraats

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He played in the first team at SML and later SV Kampong. At the age of 15 he discovered that he loved coaching besides playing soccer. Coached at the age of 17 a B1 team and later the first team of FC Driebergen. After a career as a marketing and sales professional at among others Heinz, together with Herman Hazewinkel he founded Ubuntu Sport in 2018 where, as Academy Director, he is responsible for training trainers in coaching.

Mike van den Ban

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Mike van den Ban played as a junior player and promise at HFC Haarlem and VVV-Venlo. Mike plays in the top of amateur soccer at clubs like Koninklijke HFC, Katwijk, IJsselmeervogels and Quick Boys in the second division. Mike obtained his UEFA C trainer’s certificate and was trainer/coach of the 015-1 and 017-1 and coordinator of recreational sports at Koninklijke HFC. He was also head of training at Geel-Wit’20 and currently at VV Hooglanderveen.


Rik Schrurs

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Rik is a trained sports pedagogue with a lot of hands-on experience. He knows like no other how to motivate, inspire and get the youngest players moving. As goalkeeper of the first team of SV Kampong, he studied pedagogy and got his UEFA C diploma. He gave sports lessons at BSO Partou and was middle school coordinator at his club. Now Rik works for Ubuntu Sport as Head of Coaching and as a teacher on the school program at Move a-Head.